Did I say I would have the bags, and some corsages finished by the end of this week? Did I say that? or was it the nutter who pretends to be me!!??

Anyway I am getting there, all straps are made, and the outsides are sewn up, just doing the linings and pockets which is quite nice to do, simple, especially as two are coloured this time. But, I have not made my red felt yet, hmmmm..


This lovely mug was a present from the boys, John got one as well, and they are splendid, as everything to do with Charlie and Lola is of course!

I am trying to do a blog and flickr post everyday at the moment, and the biggest problem is the light, does everyone find that? At the moment late morning seems to be the best, and at that point I’ve been madly finding something to take a photo of, so if they seem quite random, I’m sorry : )

Thank you all for the Wibbly Pig help : ) Thanks for the suggestion Lyn, and LucyKateCrafts for your offer of some pink velor, but! I suddenly thought what if my local toy and book shop could help, and yes they can! Shop local!, they have ordered one for me, and it should arrive in the first week of February, hooray!! So thanks again for all your help!