more wip

you know I’m not trying to tease anyone, but it isn’t finished yet, and I don’t want to muck it up!

So enough of berries, back to the burnt silk!


they are little flowers!


with freshwater pearls for their centres.

Quite pleased so far with this, though I think as before this will be one I like that never actually sells! But to be honest I’m trying out new things, and you never know what will work!

The berries is finished now, so both of these are now ready to be made up as the bags, but just about to start on the last of the three, which for the moment I will refer to as ‘large zakka tree’ : ) When I have something to show, I will do so, maybe later, and if the light holds up : (

p.s. thank to you all for all your lovely messages, so so lovely, and by the way I’m 36 : ) to the not so nosy person who asked!!