Boring but very important!

Recently I have people ask me if they can use examples of my work either in articles, in study work or on websites, I have no problem with this – as long as you ask first! Recently I checked my stats and found that I was getting loads of hits from one site, checked it out, no link, couldn’t understand it, and then I realised that they were using one of my images! So I had to remove the image, she was using up all my bandwidth!!!!!
So this is the situation I’m in, so by default anything I create is copyrighted.
So I’m going to add this to the site, and you will always be able to refer to it im my side bar.

This means that other people can modify, improve, recreate, etc. entire designs or elements of my designs for personal use but not for commercial use. You can read more about the details, restrictions and requirements on Creative Commons website.
For me personally, if you do want to do anything with my work, just ask! Please, because if you link to an image and nab all my bandwidth, I will delete it, and you will lose the image too, so please just ask.
Hey that is the mean sounding me over now!