no energy

I feel wasted, I have a sore throat, heavy eyes, and tired legs. Is this really worth it, is standing on your feet all days, or for 4 hours really worth £5.60 per hour, when I could be giving more support to all my boys, and developing my creativity.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place : (

I dunno, any ideas anyone?

Also, tomorrow my mum is in hospital having her knee looked at, by keyhole surgery, and where will I be, yep, filling shelves with Christmas Cards, maybe this is another reason why I’m questioning this. She will be alone at hospital because my Dad has to work, so what is more important, me doing a job, which is nice enough, but working 9 to 5 with only 15 minutes sitting down, I ache, or being able to go and stay with my mum and help her. I’m not sure if I’m feeling guilty, or just sorry for myself…..