Thank you : )

Thank you all for you kind words, both about my mum and my moaning : )

My mum is ok so far, she is signed off work for two weeks, but she did say that her knee already felt a bit better than it did before they did the procedure, so that can only be good : ) So anymore news on that and I will let you know.

The job, well, what can I say. When I’m there it is fine, nice people to work with, and nice surroundings, well as nice as it gets for a shop : ) I will get a great discount, but not for another 3 months (!), but when I get home, or before I go, all I can think is, what I’ve missed out on, or what I won’t have time to do.
I think that the weather this past week hasn’t helped, it has been so beautiful and the light has been stunning, and all I can think is that I’m missing something, but what would I have been doing, I don’t know, designing and creating bags I guess.

Also preying on my mind is my meeting with the Senco at school about William, what will she say, what will she suggest, I dunno, it is just me worrying about it all. Edwards birthday on Tuesday, so Gingerbread making tomorrow night : ) And for everyone who has commented on that posting it depends on what size man you make on how many it makes! The size I make it makes about 40, ok!

Also I have no new photos, so,


I want to make some more of these, and,


and try and use some of this,


Sorry to re-use photos, no time, sorry : (