trick or fruit?

oh yes, no sweets this year for us!

I’m so fed up with Halloween, it boils my head, I know quite of a few of you disagree with my opinion, but I cannot abide it. When I was pregnant with Edward, his due date was 22nd October, and good god was I glad that I was still pregnant come 1st November!

So this year, as I’m fed up with feeding the lane and their children with sweets, I offered Satsumas : ) And so to avoid any upsets I put a poster on the door, saying that I would only be offering fruit! I heard two lots come to the door, read and then go, boys by the sound of them, but we had another 3 lots come to the door and happily take them, so that’s what we will do in the future : )

The three lots that took the fruit all had parents and all said what a good idea, and were pleased, so I sit here looking smug!

However, you know when you think everything is sorted and that you can get a little part-time job, and not worry, well apparently, I now have ‘problems’ with William at school : ( And what a suprise it is with the same teacher that Edwards problems started with. Now I know they are very different, but I wish this academic year was over already, it has taken just over 7 weeks for the first cracks to appear, I had hoped for longer. William does not have Aspergers, he has been observed twice, and we have a report saying he does not ‘exhibit’ any of the signs. But I have a meeting next Wednesday morning to discuss his ‘behaviour’ – yay! I will keep you informed, and Mum, I will call you tomorrow night about this, when I’m a bit calmer : )

This Friday I have book group, and it’s my book,


oo that’s tiny! It is H G Wells, and it is the Island of Doctor Moreau, I wanted to choose something different, and I think I have : ) I hope that it will create some interesting discussion, or maybe just everyone will just hate it!