where do I start!!??

I go out for a few ideas, and the worldwide web goes Raspberry mad!!

Thank you Ali, Lucie and Vaide for all mailing me to tell me some blooming amazing news!!!!

I have been featured on decor8, yes oh my god it’s true!! And off the backof this feature I have made three sales, and 32 people have favourited my Etsy shop! I mean that is crazy!! Do I sound excited! Too blooming right! Ha!!


I really can’t believe it to be honest, I have to make some time over this weekend to work on some new ideas and designs, I have plenty in my head, now I have to turn them into something!

Thank you to everyone who has looked at this blog as well as looking at my Etsy shop. I was going to talk about our trip to Oxford today, but that will have to wait until tomorrow now!!