compliment or insult?

you decide – ‘It smells lovely Mummy, but it looks horrible!’
Yes that was the comment from my lovely 5 year old when his tea was placed in front of him tonight! I suppose as a friend pointed out, he understands food, and that it can smell good, but not looks so good, argh!!! And of course did any of this food pass his lips? Well about a teaspoon full……. : (

More food related stuff, I have picked most of the plums off our Victoria plum tree today, very pleased considered that the deers have almost eaten all the leaves off it! The plums are lovely, and I would consider getting another one, or maybe something like a pear tree as well.

Shop update, well I was hoping to add four more to the shop tomorrow, well considering I sold two by accident tonight, I’m going to find that quite tricky now!! So I’m not sure what is going to happen with that. I have relisted one bag, which has come back because of the colour. This is the bag;


The fabric can also be seen here. The fabric is from her ‘Belle’ range and is in the Teal and Coriander colour scheme.

It is available on Etsy here, I hope you like it : )