somethings sorted : )

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about the blasted washing machine, and tyre.
Well on Friday morning we sorted out the tyre, though I now have odd wheels, 3 alloys and one hubcap, I hope no one sees me like this!
And the washing machine, well I looked at new ones, and Ali to answer your equation on the bags, I reckon at least 45!!!! Argh!!!
But my neighbour has saved the day, they had a spare one. So we have got it and rather than pay cash, John wired up their hi-fi and did some trouble shooting on it, and he is going to show them how to sell stuff on eBay, so a great deal all round!!!

I also have three new bags made, not sure when I will get them on Etsy though as I have to help my sister tomorrow and Tuesday. More hospital related stuff, we hope it will all be ok, but I know she is worried, fingers crossed : )

So no new photos today, but for your mirth and amusement I bring you the following links, here, here and here!! They will either make you laugh, or feel really ill and glad we no longer live in those times of techni-coloured food!!

I also have added no photos due to the current lack of boardband in our house, the router has gone belly-up : ( So I hope for all our sanity in this house we get this resolved quickly!