pants, pliers and any other inoffensive words I can say!

It had been a lovely day, I add it HAD been : )

However, at 4pm that all changed, I went into the kitchen to change the program on the washing machine and then it all went wrong, because instead of walking across a dry floor, I found myself walking across a lake of water running out from underneath the washing machine……… ……..then I noticed that it had actually spread out into the hall and into the natural flooring…………

……….so we have this situation, a machine full of towels and swimming costumes, very wet floor and only getting worse, then my neighbour comes round and tells me I have a flat tyre on my car….. I did not cry, instead I rang my mum and whined : )

So now in my kitchen I have a machine that does not work, and hahahaha I have to get a new one, oh my sides are aching from the thought of spending imaginary money, hahahahaha. Ok, enough, it will be fine, we shall sort it out, and the machine has given us 12 years of very good service, so I cannot complain about that.

I will go and do some tidying now, before my boys bedtime, and think bag thoughts : )