what the camera didn’t see…

….well for one thing it hasn’t seem any of the blooming things I have been making, the light here has been so poor over the past 4 days that I’m beginning to get a pile of things waiting to be photographed!

But the camera didn’t see anything in my sister either, so yet again we are waiting on the different ‘experts’ at the hospital to make a desicion on what to do. They had been looking for the gall-stone escapees! But they couldn’t see either of them and they think she must have passed them, I hope you are not eating while reading this : )

But at least they have done that now, something that she was really worried about, and also they have removed her catheter which she depised. Though the nurse did ask if she would like to keep it in overnight – urgh!

So I hope and so do we all that we get some sort of news tomorrow morning and when we do I will let you know : )

I would like to say again how much I appreciate all your comments and I will pass these all onto my sister, I think one of the hardest things for her is just being in hospital, let alone feeling awful. She is the youngest in her ‘bay’ of six, and I would say she is the youngest by about 40 years!!! So quite depressing for her, so today I cheered her up by getting her one of these and filling it up with this , this and more, including some podcasts to make her laugh!

Thanks again, and I will let you know tomorrow