mine all mine : )

I have used some of the crazy fabric, yay!

But firstly I decided that what I was making would need a motif, so I looked at the fabric, and picked one of the great little patterns, and came up with this,


really enjoyed making this, very calm and soothing, I made it last night at my weekly stitch’n’bitch, it was just right, a bit of a no brainer I guess : )

Then today I created the bag!


and I’ve already used it in the village at the Co-op, and it didn’t struggle at all, and I tested it with a 4 pint bottle of milk, so I feel quite proud!

If you are curious to what I have it hanging on in the photo, it is my sawing horse that my Dad made for me when we moved here. We use our open fire from probably November to March, so I have to keep up with the demand, and alot of our wood we use is timber that has come down in the wind, so I have to be able to saw it easily. Sorry I’m waffling!

I have sold another corsage today, thank you Alison.

I want to make a piece of felt tonight, but The Apprentice starts, and then an episode of Lost to watch….. hmm the felt might miss out!