Hanging on

Last weekend I blogged, it was a catch-up and also talking about events that I had coming up, I’ve had two of those now, and I’ve spent the weekend thinking about one of them in particular.

You can’t stop change, there are always things beyond your control, things that are driven by circumstances, situations that you cannot even influence, so what happens when you wait and wait for change to happen, how long is enough?

I didn’t sell anything on Saturday at the Monthly Market, John sold one card, I’m sure that it doesn’t take a genius to work out that we didn’t break even.

We share a table to minimise the risk, and Saturday was our seventh market, and only three of the seven times have I sold enough to cover the cost of the table. There have now been two times when combined we have not covered the cost. I’m not moaning, I’m trying to decide what we and I should be doing, if doing a regular market is the right thing, or if we are flogging a dead horse?

My question is, where do you want to buy designer/maker handmade items? Do you want to buy online, or at a regular event, or do you rather visit independent shops and galleries?


Also, do you feel that items such as mine should be seen in an environment where they are not diluted by mass-produced items? So many questions, you can see why I’ve been pondering this! I know that I have not looked after my online stores as I should have, and I have to make time for them. Time is now becoming part of this, when you spend a day ‘out’ and sell nothing, you aren’t just losing the cost of the stand, you are losing much more.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!