Not falling off the wagon!

I wanted to get another post up, so I keep in the habit. Fallen off the wagon with the running, mainly from having an annoying cold that I cannot shift, fingers crossed that this week I will get back out there!

So back onto the blog, I need to keep it going, a bit like sewing, it is something to keep my rooted, rather than letting all the silly nonsense throw me off course.

Since my last post I also discovered that my most recent designs have been rejected by Not on the High Street, because they are not ‘on trend’… I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself to be ‘trendy’ but even so it made me feel pretty crap as I’d had actually just had my best year in a while on there, but these instead will just find themselves on my Etsy and Folksy shops which should be pretty soon, when they are there, I will let you know!

Also since my then I’ve had my birthday which included a lovely weekend at Center Parcs, and I also got some lovely presents, including a vintage set of Royal Doulton side plates and vintage cake forks, in their own little case, thank you Vicki!


I also want to share a few things that I got for birthday and Christmas from John, simply because they are so beautiful, and also to say thank you to the makers too!

I think John and I really understand each other tastes, you would hope so after 26 years together, but there is always the excitement of opening a present, and not knowing what it will be, if he’s seen something I’ve never seen before, or taken a comment I made about something.

With one of my Christmas presents, it all stems from a little ceramic house I bought in St.Ives at Easter last year. So when I cam home I favourited her Etsy shop, and knowing I must get more, and then I’m opening up a present from John, and there’s 2, then another 2, then another 2!

They are so perfect, so much detail and care, so now I have seven, check out Fionas Facebook page and also her Etsy shop.

And then we come to an artist that I’d admired from afar, and I never thought would have a piece of her work. John and I had looked at the gallery on her website and I said I liked the little bowls, a handful sized, if that’s a description, and I hoped I might get one, and I did!

I was so excited! It lives in our bathroom now, and so every time I brush my teeth it’s there and I get more pleasure again.


But then for my birthday, there was a big one! I couldn’t believe it, it is so perfect and beautiful, and sits on how coffee table, there is something about ceramics that make me feel so good, to hold them and use them, and also just to look. Please check out her Facebook page, and site, she makes the most inspirational pieces of work, and like so many ceramicists, her work inspire my own.

I’m waffling, but if you want more snippets (I don’t know why!) you can follow me on Instagram, I’m alicebloor on there, I’m enjoying the freedom of it!

Also! and I cannot forget this!


John is currently doing a giveaway on his Facebook page, to win a slight second of one of his beautiful screen print, go and comment and share on this post!

Hopefully the next post will include some sewing!