Quite often when I buy things for creating with I have very clear idea of how I will use them, though I guess that is outweighed by the number of things I buy, simply because I love them!

This used to be especially true with buttons, and I now have jars of the things to show me the error of my ways! But saying that I wouldn’t part with any of them, because one day I might want one of them!

This leads me onto my main buttons, the mother of pearl ones I feel that have defined my bags for the past 4 years! I use them on every single bag I make, lovely simple two or four hole vintage mother of pearl buttons, but sometimes something catches my eye, and that’s it, I’m done for!

So I bought some beautiful vintage engraved mother of pearls buttons, all tiny, and teeny, and then they sat in my tin waiting for the day they could come out and play!

You know how it is, I had a design in my head, but then I had to put the buttons and circles on the linen to one side, they all slid around, went back 24 hours later, and they looked so much better!

So finally I have used them (well some of them!) and I’m rather pleased with how they look : )