on our walk yesterday, William and I collected some things that we saw on our journey, I think we equally enjoyed this : )

some sheep fleece that was caught on a fence, a teeny tiny acorn, a cobnut, a rosehip, and of course a conker! The Horse Chestnut trees that are opposite out house normally have so many conkers you can’t collect them all, but this year they are few and far between so far, the weather this year I don’t think suited them.

He will take these all in on Tuesday, as tomorrow is an INSET day, whooo ooo ooo (sigh)

Other than that, cooking, washing clothes, watching the F1, and not doing tidying, I have been working on more bag fronts, here’s one,

featuring the felt I bought from Manda, it is lovely to work with, would recommend it to anyone : )

So more bits of bags to show during the week, time for bed!