pine fresh

that is how our spare room/sewing room now smells!

Yesterday William and I went to Ikea to sort our some desk issues, with my earnings from Open Studios : )

We came back with a pair of these,


adjustable trestles, with storage underneath, so somewhere for sewing machine covers, sewing machines and irons to sit, and then on top of that I have one of these, a nice solid piece of pine, so nice, at the moment I don’t want to even put my sewing machine back on it!

Having this will really help, as I have started to get back ache when cutting out, and it is nice to be able to stand and work sometimes as well. We used to have a great farmhouse kitchen table which was great to stand at and work, so having the ability to change height is fab!

Also the top is longer, so more room for cutting out!

My old desk has gone to the boys to use, as they now need a normal height desk, so tomorrow will be tidying and organising in their room, joy!

Hopefully new piccies tomorrow, probably taken on some still clean pine desk!