as you may have seen in posts throughout the years, we have quite a reasonable sized garden with a crazy hill in it, the crazy hill puts me off the whole garden, which is a shame, maybe next year……………

The one redeeming feature about the hill are the four trees which grow on it, three are pretty ones, and the fourth, produces these,


the most wonderful, totally seasonal english fruit, the joy of a perfect Victoria plum : ) I love them, they are so so perfect, and last night I fought with the wasps for this bowl full. We would have had more, a branch was broken off the tree which was heavily laden with fruit earlier on in the summer.

So we have our crop, Edward and I have already eaten half of it! It is now I wish we had an old apple tree or such like, but there is a bramley apple tree next to our office, and I’m going to look for some fallers tomorrow : )

Open Studios is now over for me, I was really pleased with how it went, so much nicer to be with other artists. Caroline and Penny made me feel really welcome, and I would love to do it with them again next year (hint, hint!)
I really enjoyed doing the felt making demos, and I’m going to be looking at making starter kits! Shame I didn’t think about that before I did it!

Ah well, another week ahead, haircuts, sorting out the boys room, and working on new ideas, so new stuff to show off soon : )