calmer, but tired

it always amazes me just how much nervous energy you can run on, I think I have been for about 3 weeks now!

I still feel tired today, I hope tomorrow I will want to start sewing again!


So Handm@de is over, for now. We had over 1000 people come through the door which was amazing considering it was the first time we were running in Winchester, and it was the middle of the year rather than tied to Christmas.

I have started to get feedback in now, and one of the main ‘grumbles’ has been the lighting in the hall. This to me is a huge challenge, because you could run this event in a somewhere like a sports hall, but then you would not have the wonderful architecture of the Guildhall or the central location.


But I won’t go on about the boring stuff, it was fab, and I’m so pleased that we managed to do it and everything went smoothly! Now I have to decide what next to do with Handm@de, next year I’m thinking about do a summer and Christmas one, but is it too late to think about a Christmas for this year, especially taking into consideration all the feedback?

Oh well, the blog will get back to normal over the next week, lots of stuff to show off : )

Sorry about the break, and sorry that this post has been so dull! More fabric and nice stuff soon : )