I’m certain I have used that as a title before as a post, but I can always be ahead of the game!

I had promised myself that I would blog at least twice a week after Handm@de, well that didn’t work, so here we go, a second attempt!

I haven’t got anything ‘new’ to show you, but these are the newest!


These are three of my new colour felt corsages, I think they are almost jelly sweet like colours, they are warm and soft, but stylish too : ) I now have over 50 different corsages in my box, but only about 6 on Etsy, I’m slipping badly!
I need to photograph them, maybe tomorrow!

I have some new commissions to work on, including a man-bag : ) I’m looking forward to making my second one, the first being for my lovely husband of course, though I have just realised I never photographed it and put it on here, hmmm, I’m slipping very badly!!

Well I will get something else on here soon, because I’m sure reading about how bad I am at being sorted must be very very dull!!