left out

I think I keep leaving someone out! Well it was mentioned to me last night, that it is almost like there is a mystery fourth person in our house, sometimes spoken of, but in a passing moment. So I have decided that maybe I should tell you about the man, that could be known as Mr Raspberry!

I love this photo, completely natural, and he looks happy : ) Well he would be, he has his camera in his hand, if he was sitting listening to his hi-fi, he would be even happier!
I think John is feeling that I make it seem like I have to worry about all the stuff with the boys, and he does nothing, well that isn’t true, but unfortunately for both of us, it is easier if I visit schools, go to meetings etc, so it does seem like it is always me! But he is here helping out, and first thing in the morning and putting the boys to bed is great : )

So I want to say about much I appreciate him, he did my website, designed my logo, makes up my adverts, designs and print fabric for me, and so much more!

So if you would like to see what else he does, other than be another person in our looney house, have a look at his blog (not very well maintained!) and find out about his love of Hi-Fi, and here on his Flickr stream you can see some of his amazing photos!

So John, I don’t forget about you, I’m always thinking about you, and how special you are : )

ps the school visit got delayed! urgh!