…is a challenge, wherever that be walking out the front door with a smile of your face, or taking and passing your driving test, or just doing the washing up.

I guess this post might rabble a bit, so you have been warned!

I’m not going to moan about having two boys with Aspergers, and all the concerns that go with that, or any of the medical issues that seem to constantly surround one or more of my family members, but just living.
I guess this was prompted by reading Alis post a few days ago, and then seeing this photo last night just makes me wonder how we all get on, and everything just seems to happen.

Do I believe in fate, or do we have a hand in our future? I don’t know the answer, I guess I have to come down on the side of fate, because we, as a family, have had poo fall on us from a great height repeatably and I can’t believe all of it is by our own hand. But am I kidding myself, am I just trying to make myself feel better?

I have a bit of a cold, again, and yesterday I started to cut the fabric for the knitting bags I’m going to be making, and through my fuzzy head I cut at least 3 pieces wrong, I hope today I won’t muck it up anymore : (

Today we are visiting another secondary school for Edward, and that is all screwed up in my head, I don’t want it to be, but it is, it is like being on a massive sew-saw, with somebody jumping up and down on the other end, one moment, woooooooo everything looks so great, and then the next second your arse in on the floor, and everything looks grimy and problematic, but we have to see them all before we decide. We see the two special needs schools at the start of November, so I have to play the waiting game, and then evaluate everything all over again.

Sorry I said I wasn’t going to talk about the boys, but it sort of slipped out!