before I start, I just want to say I have not been paid to write this, simply that I was approached and said yes, but I like funny cute things, and I think these are cute!
I would also say that these are all my words and photos, except the last two, but that will be obvious!
And keep reading, because you could win some lovely stuff!

What a weird start, but best to get it out of the way!

Ok, lets crack on! I love coffee, at the last count we have 4 coffee making devices, not including instant, and I even have a dedicated coffee grinder. So when I was approached by Douwe Egberts about a ‘new’ coffee that have produced, I was quite curious, especially when I saw a photo : )

It isn’t as such a new coffee, more about making it more convenient. Each mega bean, they call them Aromettes, is the equivalent of one cup, so instead of measuring out loose ground coffee, you pop the right number into a cafetiere or filter machine. So less mess, and measuring is not a worry.

We tried them out this morning, the Intense version, and it made a nice cup of coffee, and they broke down immediately and worked as ‘normal’ coffee would.

For us I would think they would be most useful for when we go away for the weekend/holiday and we always forget the measuring spoon, or the coffee! I would just take a tub and you’re sorted.
(The Mr Tickle mug belongs to John, I have a Mr Messy one!!)

They are exclusively available in Tesco from Monday 14th February (how romantic!) and come in smooth (medium) and intense (strong) strengths. The Aromettes come in tubs, which are foil sealed, and have a nice flexible lid to keep the coffee in and airtight.

So, what is in this for you? Well you could be the winner of a couple of really lovely things, and I’m jealous to be honest! Douwe Egberts will be sending the following out to the winner of my little blog competition,

a set of four Cath Kidston Mugs just like this,

and a lovely Alessi Cafetiere,

(honestly I would have room for a third one, one/two is never enough!)

So how to win these and the cute mega beans, sorry Aromettes! Well please leave a comment on below about how and when you like your coffee, that’s all you need to do!

I’ll be picking a winner on Thursday 10th February at midday, as normal with these things it is only open to people living in the UK, and just to assure you, none of your details will be passed onto Douwe Egberts, unless you win of course, and fair enough they will need your address for the lovely coffee prizes!

And once again, I wasn’t paid to write this, I thought they looked cute!