best laid plans

I had sworn to myself to blog regularly, well that’s gone out of the window! But I will try harder : )

Working on 12 new bags, also hoping to list the new unseen ones soon, just getting the time and good light to combine at the right moment!

Yes that is corduroy you see above, and yes you may be remembering that I said I would never use it again, never let it darken my door again, but how could I resist that colour? It is wonderful, and going well so far, no swearing at all!

Also bought some lovely fabric this week,

just loveliness! And it is all the result of Twitter! Karen tweeted about some fabric she had ordered from M is for Make, and the next thing that happened, so had I! Wonderful fabric, and really good service too, a big thumbs up : ) I hope to use some of these in my new bags, fingers crossed.