today, tomorrow?

today I took part in the Winchester Art Market,

(er, yes that is me, semi-hiding!)

I had no expectations of the day, and so I enjoyed the day, rather than fretting, which is how I used to be! It was cheap as I shared it with Kate, and so we split the costs, and had a nice time : )

It is odd doing it a bit more, I’m not trying the hard sell now, only if people seem interested, or look scared to touch, I think touching my stuff is important, unless of course you are covered in dirt!

This past week has been pretty grim, we had three days at the Tribunal in London for Edwards secondary school placement. Our witnesses and representative were amazing, and the blobs from the County were pretty poor, so we have our fingers crossed. Once it is over, we hope to get the decision in the next few days, I want to blog about it more. Mainly because I want to be able to describe the utter disgust I have for a number of people involved with this!
The other thing that amazes me over this, is the amount of money the count have to fritter away on all of this, I’d love to know how much our case and the others have cost them!

But I shall leave that for another day, and just feel positive about the day I’ve had!