I know, you get excited, you think you are going to see a photo of me in my knickers, and no, not at all, just some old drawers…

We went down to Cornwall for a weeks holiday before Easter and that image is of the lovely spice drawers in the Tropical Biome at the Eden Project. It was a great week, and even though the weather was very odd, hail, snow, bright sunshine, all within about 30 minutes! We had a lovely time, visited Fowey, St. Ives, Truro, and lots more.

It is very busy here, with work, Handm@de, and the continuing struggle to get Edward into the right school. Also we are now having the displeasure of finding that many high street clothes shops seem to consider that boys stop being boys when they reach the age of about 14, should say that is ‘size age’ as Edward is only 11. Also why do Next not stock the clothes in the shop that they sell online, and by that I mean, online they sell up to 16 years, in the shops, that stop at 12 years, now where is the logic in that!??!

Gah, oh well, I will try to blog soon : )