come outside

sorry no Auntie Mabel though!

for the first time ever all our blossom is out together, I guess this has happened because of the cold winter, so we have the plum, almond and cherry out together, the one above is the cherry, and below is the plum,

at least with the plum it actually produces fruit, lovely Victoria ones, but the cherry and almond are just ornamental.

The cats are also enjoying the lovely sunny weather, and rolling around in the grass. I managed to catch Eddie in between the snapping of blossom : )

I have also started something in the past week, which has made me feel better, I get up at 6am to go for a 3 mile walk! It is so lovely, and quiet, and it makes me feel so much better, so I can recommend it! I get back home, have a shower and make brekkie, and be more motivated than if I stayed in bed until 8am!

Lets hope the sunny days carry on for a bit longer!