let them eat cake!

you know you can never go wrong with cake, can you!?

no, you can’t,

ever get it wrong,

however many you ‘have’ to try!

I would like to point out that these were all tasted/tried in the name of work, good god, it’s a hard life sometimes, that and ice-cream!

So that is why I’m currently not around so much, almost working full-time, so less time for blogging, twitter and sewing : ( But I do get to eat cake!

Today was quite nice really, weekends for us are always difficult, the boys are together for longer than normal, and well it can be tricky. Though this morning William made me play his ‘strategy’ game,

I think the main idea behind this game, was that no one would understand it and so therefore he would win! Saying that, he really had made lots of effort designing the characters/actions etc, but had then not really worked out how you would play it!
Maybe tomorrow I will see if I can beat him!