a bit stylish

well I like to think I am, but I know looking at photos of myself I’m about as stylish as a cat in a top hat!

But I wasn’t talking about me anyway! I was talking about these,


What do you think, I made some last year, but only three pincushions, this year there are six pincushions and matching needlebooks, very smart, just right for the man who sews I feel : ) These will not be in the shop until after Handm@de this coming weekend!

Currently listening to Zbigniew Preisner, which is very lovely, and soothing. Found out today that next year I will be seeing Calexico in May, which I am very very excited by, so much so when I found out I rushed upstairs to John office at work and squealed!! Very excited by music at the moment, going to ATP in 3 weeks, and also seeing Spoon in February, whoooo!!

Hey, look two posts in two days, but don’t expect it to carry on!