on the edge

we are not great watchers of tv, and I guess the BBC iPlayer, and DVD boxsets have compounded that!

We tend to go through phases of watching programmes, and we are currently gripped by The Wire, we have the last episode of Season Two to watch!
Last night watching the penultimate episode tied my stomach in knots, so I hate to think how I will feel after the last one! It was the level of expectation, and feeling on the edge, I felt exhausted after watching it!

I would love to explain all the whys and wherefores of what happened, but now having been drawn into I would never give anything away! It really is must watch tv, it is amazing and as good, if not better than all the reviews, so give it a go!

I’m currently in the midst of turning all the wool rovings I bought last week into felt, and then corsages,


as you can see it is going quite well, and I have some vintage wooden cotton reels as well, I want to use these as props in my product photos, what do you think?