a winner, and a runny nose!

don’t worry, you won’t win a runny nose!

Thank you all so much for entering the draw to win my bag, I love the comments and seeing the way it brings out the lurkers!!

So enough of that, the winner is…….

no.30! Julia Batley is the winner!! Who sadly doesn’t have a website, if she did I would link to it! I used the random number generator to get the number : ) Julia, I will mail you for your address!

I have a stinking cold, so I have a dripping nose, which I HATE! I do not enjoying sniffing, or the sore nose, it is horrid, I hope it will be gone soon!
I have plenty of stuff to be getting on with,


another 30 pouches I’m working on : ) I’m also in the process of something else new and exciting, which I’m sure I will be able to tell you about soon!

Don’t forget my Facebook fan page, because later this week I will be doing a special offer to my ‘fans’ on there!

Hopefully new stuff soon on here, and in the Etsy shop, though I think it is all looking pretty good!