the truth is out

I had to admit to my children today that I have a job! And this job does not involve them, this was not the most popular thing, but the Spanish inquisition was short and sweet, especially when I said that I’d been doing it for three months and they hadn’t realised!!

So the truth is out, and I can tell everyone : ) The reason I hadn’t is because my boys have read my blog at school!

I’m working at a local organic farm, and I work in the meat division (makes me laugh that title!) and I calculate stocks, orders and stuff like that : ) We produce meat like this,


I’m not going to advertise them or say the name of the company, because my blog isn’t all about that, so there we go, the truth is out!

On far more interesting matters, the teachers pressies were a roaring success, a photo soon! And I’m working on new bags and stuff : )

More soon!!