all over the place,


all around in the garden, lots of white and green,


and some stuff growing out of my desire to finally create a bag that will fold down into a pouch!


It is now finished, but by that time I was so distracted by the eldest kid being slightly out of control that I never got round to taking a finished shot! Tomorrow maybe : )

We have had a lot of crying and screaming today, I wish I could explain it all away, but sometimes when it doesn’t make any sense to the rest of us, I’m sure it doesn’t make any more sense to him either : (

I’m worried that we are about to enter a slightly more difficult phase with Edward, and I think it is going to be hard on all of us, and for him it will be very tough. One problem is for us is to work out why it is becoming harder, is it just ‘him’ and what Aspergers brings to him, or is it maybe hormonal? He is 10, when do things really start to happen?
The other thing is school, he does seem unhappy, and I am going to have to make an appointment, because I don’t think I can ignore it for any longer. Though saying that, what is going to happen, he can’t go anywhere else, but he needs to have something to look forward to. Maybe we can try and find out if he will get to go to the secondary school of our choice, oh well, tomorrow is another day, and lets see if we can have fewer tears and more smiles : )