I love fabric

ok, I admit it!

This year I have tried really hard not to buy anymore patterned fabric to add to my hoard, but I have, ok! And more is coming from Japan! But this arrived today, yay!!


This of course is from lovely Lucie, and the fabric is from her Etsy shop Summersville. I have wanted to get some for an age, and well it just hasn’t happened, but now I have it and it will go lovely with some dark denim I have. Lucie was a featured seller on Etsy recently, if you missed it, please have a look : )

I have been very busy with Handm@de, it is only just a month away, and I’m looking for a final seller, someone who is lovely please! No textiles, or jewellery please as we are fully booked on those, if you are interested, please mail me at handmadewinchester @ raspberry . co . uk
(just remember to remove the spaces!)

Garden still looking good, so I’ll leave you with one of our over the top poppies!


ps when the fabric from Japan arrives I will show you!