back to black

I guess I have nicked that, but it is sort of the right title for this post, or maybe it should be back to blacky/browny/chocolately : )

Because of course I’m talking about Baggy : )


I’ve been trying to get a good image of him for ages, today John managed to get one for me as we were finishing doing some bag photos. It is so hard to get a good photo of him. It is because of his colour and incredibly fluffy coat he doesn’t have a lot of definition unless you get him just right, you can take of photo of him when he is asleep, he just looks like a pile of fur!!

I thought that I would just bring you right up to date with the miracle cat, after the events of last year.

He is now fully recovered, all his fur has grown back, it took a LONG time! It has grown back a little grey where all the trauma was, but other than that you would never know, he walks/runs/jumps as well as he did before, and he is still just as loving : )

Baggy is a wonderful cat, and we all love him dearly, and I’m so happy that he has come through such an experience with (so far) no major on-going problems.

On the crafting front, well, we took photos today of eight bags, I worked on 8 small pieces of fabric artwork, and I have some felt to make, so busy busy, and only another week of the holidays left!

Happy Easter!!