been a bit quiet..

.. well I have, due to my eldest breaking his leg yesterday morning! He had an INSET day, so off we went for a treat with his younger brother in two, and went to one of the local soft play places. Within 15 minutes or so, he trip over a soft block, and wahay he had broken his leg!!!

So now, from being all calm and quite organised in our house everything has been turned upside down again. This morning we had to go to the fracture clinic, where he had a resin based wrap put on his cast, he got to choose the colour, red, so he was happy. Because he is unsteady on his feet at the best of times, he cannot use crutches, so has a frame instead, so everything is very very slooooooowwwwwww 🙂

Tonight I have the AGM at out Playgroup, I’m on the committee, so I’ve been doing a mass bake of Brownies, which are a legend in these parts! So I have had not had a chance to do anything else, except look at Lyns amazing fabric collection!