thank you, the struggle goes on!

Thank you all so much for your kind words, it really gives me confidence and a warm fuzzy feeling inside πŸ™‚

Another pincushion shot!


I do like these alot, I like the square one, but it was a mare to make, or maybe that was just me! I’ve been asked to make a flower card for a friends mother-in-law, and I think I will use lilac, just a nice gentle colour.

I think I need to look at what I do, and how to get it seen and wanted, on Flickr and on here all my stuff is appreciated, because you all see stuff from similar eyes to mine, you understand the time, and creativity that has gone into each item, I have to get the punters to see that too!

I had an old dear go past my stall yesterday in her motorised scooter, as she whizzed (slowly!) by, she muttered “all too expensive”, and my reaction, I smiled!!!! I should have vaulted over the stall and said “NO!!!!!” but I was being nice, that will teach me!

Ranting now!

Thanks to all of you!!! You keep me sane!