rogues and scoundrels

why are they so damned attractive!?

This is the question, and comes from yesterday lunchtime at a friends house (by the way Tracy, best flan, pie, tart thing ever!), I mentioned Lost, and then of course, if you are talking about Lost, you are talking about Sawyer!

Then this lead to Jack Sparrow, and then my long standing fav, who describes himself as a rogue and scoundrel, Han Solo!


For me Han Solo will always have to win, I have grown up swooning over him, but there is something about Sawyer, his smart quips, his pain, his physical abilities! I’m smirking while writing this!
And then Jack Sparrow, I think Johnny Depp is fab, and so I don’t think I can really see this character without him, so it doesn’t have so much of the appeal.

So ladies, which one for you, or who else, and you are not allowed to say your loved ones, he must be a rogue or scoundrel, and when you think of him it must make you smirk!!