maybe tentacles, or hair, but really you know what it is, linen straps waiting to be ironed, making all the ‘boring’ bits at the moment. I need to iron them all and do the top stitching, make the pockets and the linings.
I always do the button tags last, as I want them to match the design of the bag as much as possible.

Also I need to make each of my boys a denim bag each like I made their nephew, William wants a fish on his as well, and Edward wants a lighting bolt : ) Also they need to choose the fabric for the lining, maybe I’m giving them too much choice, always hard to know!

Tomorrow I have the dentist when I will have my permanent crown fitted – joy : ( I didn’t enjoy having the temporary one, it initially felt so alien in my mouth, urgh, oh well, teaches me a lesson I guess.

More soon from the exciting world of dentists and linen straps!