6 things, and can you help?

I have been tagged so many times and always fail to do it, but I’m going to try this one, before I fail again! The helping bit is at the end, please bear with me : )

So I have been tagged by Jo at Daisychaindesigns to produce 6 random facts, well that shouldn’t be too hard?!

1. I use both of my christian names equally, this causes much confusion, to the points that one of our old customers thought that she was dealing with sisters as John and I always forgot how we referred to me by name!

2. I try to avoid trying new/different biscuits, I always assume that I will not like them, this is to stop me eating one and becoming addicted! Biscuits are a real problem for me, especially plain chocolate digestives, one is never enough, or two or three or……..

trying to think of things I haven’t mentioned before!

3. Through my old job I met quite a few famous people, however the two people who I was most excited to see where nothing to do with my job I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, case in point, Jarvis Cocker locking his bike to a lamppost on Shepherds Bush Green!!

4. The other person was Neil Pearson on the Central line, I was trying really hard not to stare, he was almost opposite me, so hard not to that I almost didn’t get off the tube in time!

5. I have had to stop a London cab to be sick! Urgh, I had checked first how much it would cost if I did it in the cab! It was on the Uxbridge road in Ealing about 14 years ago, sorry if you saw me!

hmmm, got to think of something nice after that!

6. I keep a Moleskine in my bag, and a purple pen to use in it, these are for the idea that spring to me in odd places, like in the queue at Starbucks reading the word ‘branch’ on someone’s bag! Mad!

I’m not passing this onto six people, because well, I’m a bit lame at the sort of thing, and because I think what is happening on the other side of the world is far more important.


I really can’t believe what has been happening in Australia, in Victoria. So many people who I know, but don’t, blog friends, like Martine, she is ok and I hope everyone else is too.

If you would like to help in some small way, go and have a look here, and if you could make a toy to help a child who has lost everything then please do, I’m going to and it is the least I can do : (

And I hope it keeps raining here and starts there.