I had forgotten!

yep, I had decided earlier that I would do a post today, and then I forgot, and now I have remembered : )

I really hope we are finished with the snow, Friday was horrid, though not as bad as it could have been, but going out with your shovel in the boot, and supplies for the children is not something I want to have to repeat again soon!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the new bags, it is fantastic to have so many positives comments and views as well. I have now listed the three ‘standard’ bags on my Folksy shop as well, so if you would prefer to buy in pound sterling that is the place to go : )

I had real problems with listing one of the items earlier, but it is now sorted, thankfully. While I was trying to resolve some of the issues I looked on the forums and wrote a post asking for help. While I was looking I could see that wonderful thing that happens on forums, and has driven me away from some in the past, and that is the consistent bitching you get.

People can’t help themselves, they may not think they are doing it, but they are. The one forum I no longer used, not craft based, became, and still is a two sided affair, you are either with them, or against them. You cannot have an opinion without taking a side, and I hope this doesn’t happen on Folksy, I have seen a little of that on Etsy, but that is so massive things can disappear.

I feel like I’m ranting, sorry : )

So this week, well, I guess it depends on the weather, I really hope we can have a proper school week, as of course the week after is half term!!!! So lets see how tomorrow goes!

Oh, and by the way, I mentioned the other day, oops more like the other week, about my sister and a road accident. Well I have realised that I can’t say everything about it, as it will probably go to court.
However it has proved again to me that if you are going to have any sort of accident you want her there : )
A car took a motorbike out, and she witnessed it, she went straight the the motorcyclist, accessed the situation, stemmed the bleeding, he had a compound fracture in his wrist!, and looked after him until the paramedics arrived.
This proves to me again, that she would be an excellent nurse or paramedic, it is never too late!!!

oh, and by the way, car driver was fine, ‘didn’t see the bike’, and was off his head, need I say more : (