Well I have finished the book! Last night, only took another hour, maybe I read it too fast I dunno, I actually just wanted to get rid of it!!!

Well it is this book, Beatrice and to be honest I hope for the reviewers sake on the front cover it gripped him for the same reason as me, the fact that it could actually improve!

There were 5 ‘found’ items used in the book, and to be honest they were used very weakly, and really thinking about it now, I wonder why she bothered. I know that at the end of the book you realise why some of them may have been found where they were, but other than that, it seems like an idea that was good, but then not used.

The story is also told from different characters views, however, they are all very difficult to tell apart, I have read other books over the past year where this has been used far more successfully. They all seemed to read the same, and a bit of a disappointment.

The book also also has a great deal of art, created mainly by the main characters in the novel. This felt very weak too, maybe I should just face it and say I did not like it! Rather than look at the aspects of the book. Onto the next one!

BTW the twist, there wasn’t one!