next book of 2006

Onto the next book for Book Group, and, well, hmmmm, not enjoying it really. I think it is trying to be too clever for its own good, and in the process using every cliche in the book, excuse the pun!
I think the idea behind it is quite good, however the way of moving the story along is not being used very well, or at all really. Their are five objects that are referred to during the book, but it seems to be a wasted idea, as if she couldn’t make it work. I’m over half way through the book, and I’m just wanting to see if she can pull any of the good ideas back. It is also one of those books where you know there will be a twist, and at the moment I’m going through in my head of about three different twists!
Hmmmm, I have not mentioned the name of the book, well I will when I have finished it and can say if one of my twists is correct!