and not the sort you get that are bottom related, been there and don’t want to go there ever again!

No these are piles of things, clean washing, dirty washing, cut fabric, half finished bags, paperwork, lego, you name it and it is somewhere, lurking to remind me that I have not dealt with it!

What do you think of this,


That is the King Alfred Hall in the Winchester Guildhall, where Handm@de will be happening! More on that tomorrow, but I thought I would share it with you : )

Today I experienced something that I thought was a bit odd, and I don’t know if I’m in the wrong and it was perfectly normal, or if I’m in the wrong, let me explain.

While in our local pub, a nice one at that so no loud music or drunk idiots, a couple came in with their toddler, nothing unusual about that.
Then we saw that they had a bottle of wine between them, again all ok, couldn’t see a drink for the child mind you. Then their food came out…. It was a small fish and chips, between them, again, we don’t know if the child had any.
So my thing is this, the small fish and chips is about £5.95 and the cheapest bottle of wine they do is about £11, so is it strange that someone would be more than happy to spend twice as much on booze than on the food they were eating? This was at lunchtime as well, and the fact that they were sharing a meal that is meant as a light meal for one person between two adults, not really enough to soak up the booze!

I dunno, we just thought it was really odd, and the fact that they had a child there who they didn’t seem to be that bothered about, I think I must be getting old!!