is it still December?! It seems to be going on forever, I think in a way it is these three days between the end of the weekend and then New Years, they are sort of non-entity days!

However I have something to show you! And tomorrow I will tell you about my pressies and other more Christmas sort of stuff!

I have made quite a few pressies for people this year, maybe too many, some of the others I have made more than one, as they will be going into the shop eventually.

This one, these two should I say, well they are going to lead to some more, as I’m working on new ideas, and ‘ranges’ : )


and then a ‘matching’ partner,


with detailing on the reverse of the cushion,


I’m really pleased with these, and I hope to making some more to go in the shop, and maybe coasters and place mats based on this design too, what do you think?