bags and beads

Hey I’m making things!

oh yes, I’m now about half way through making my knitting bags, the bits above are the lovely linen drawstring bags which go in the main bag to keep your yarn in. This linen is so soft and lovely and wonderful, and I’d better not use any more adjectives!

So these are going well, and this morning in the post I received these,

these are some of the dyed freshwater pearls I will be using in my new corsages which I have started to cut out and prepare. Here are a few more,

All lovely, so they are now in my box of corsage beads, which I guess sounds a tad nerdy, but I try to keep them all together as it makes it easier when I go out and do sewing, which is quite often when I make corsages, as they are easy to make on the go : )

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the soup : ) We really enjoyed making it, and hope to do some more soon! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!