…was the last day of the Creative Textile Course I have been running, it seems incredible as it feels like only yesterday I was a bundle of nerves when I started with the feltmaking!

I have to say it has been a fantastic experience both learning how to teach people, and watching what people can create with the same materials that I use!
Everyone completed a questionnaire for me so I could get some feedback, and it was lovely to know that I had actually done a pretty good job : ) I’m really pleased about this, I have never taught before, so to get such a positive response is lovely.

The Community Centre would like me to run another course for them starting in the New Year, and I would be able to set the length of the course, rather than this time it had to be 6 weeks.
I have had a few drop-outs, and I have also had quite a few people who have not attended this one who have asked if I will do the parts separately, so that is another consideration. So maybe I could do 2 lots of 4 weeks rather than one lot of 6. At the moment that is my preferred idea.

I have also thought about the whole thing of making something you can use, rather than just making something because you like it, because I think for many people that is an easier thing, so maybe making a 3-D piece of felt, like a tea cozy, handbag or soft bowl, and making another quilt but making a piece that will be a cushion cover?

So I think now I need to go back to the Community Centre, look at some dates, and see what I can do, It has been really enjoyable, and everyone has enjoyed it, I have learnt some lessons, especially regarding the quantity of materials that people get through! Not that it is a problem, just that my level of expectation was not quite the same as what happened : )

Also I have had shown to me, and the people that took part, that everyone has a creative spark, they just need to find it, and bring it to life : )