a bit more

about my little Creative Textile course : )

This was the third week of the course, and we have had 2 weeks of making felt, and this week we worked on embellishing the felt!

It has been really enjoyable, I have found it to be really interesting to be in the role of ‘teacher’, and trying to work out when I need to help, and when to step back, that part is really quite hard.
I think yesterday I stepped back more than previous weeks as I wanted everyone to explore their pieces and what they could do with the materials they had to work with, also they only had about an 70 minutes to work on their pieces, so they didn’t have that much time.

Next week we start on the craft/art quilts, so I’ve got to get on with getting all the fabric together and making another quilt myself, to work on techniques etc. I have made one so far, but the light isn’t great on this image!

What do you think?

Anyway hope you have a great weekend, and if you want to see what will be in the first issue of SewHip, have a look here, guess which is mine!