another six bags?

oh yes!

yes I made another felt poppies one, simply because of the positive feedback both on here and on Flickr.

And I made some green felt with little wool neeps, and used this on a design I have in my book for a while, a graphical fern type design.

Also I have finally made some of the other designs I have had lurking in my book : ) The cupcakes, and the poppy seed heads, and I have also made the seed head one in the chocolate linen.

Very pleased with these and the ones last Wednesday, I think on the whole I will only be listing items now on a Sunday night, due to changes happening at home.

Thanks for all the recommendation for books, I hope to check some out very soon. A friend has suggested that my post was very negative, I’m sorry if it appeared that way, I didn’t mean it to : )

I would also like to say thank you for all the lovely comments everyone has left recently, I do try to reply to as many as I can, but it has been quite hard having the time to do that.

Lots on the go, one should be on here this week, and another one I should be able to hopeful tell you about soon, and the third thing I will probably need your feedback on!

Thanks for the comments about William, we did go to the doctors, and maybe once they are back at school tomorrow I might be able to get my brain into gear about it!

Hope you like the bags!