front pages : )

You read that correctly, pages, I have managed two in the past couple of days, on Sunday with this one,

and then this one, last night while I was tucked up in bed : ) So unfortunately I don’t have a grab of it on the front page, just the actual treasury page,

The funny thing is, I think this this is the third time or maybe even fourth time this bag has been on the front page, and it is still there unsold : ) But I did sell other bags last night so it does make a difference, and it does draw people to your shop. That bag now has had over 2000 views now! Maybe it will sell one day : )

William started at a club at school today, Strictly School Dancing, as I left he was telling them all about his moves! I really hope it went well, he thinks he is going to be on the telly in a skintight outfit from doing this, give it a few years : )